Understanding Multimedia Marketing When Buying Activewear

In today’s marketplace, it is possible to do all your window shopping using your mobile phone or computer from the comfort of your home. However, this approach takes away some shopping aspects like touch and feel. It is important to understand the use of multimedia in marketing campaigns to select products well without the physical touch.

Understand Different Multimedia Aspects

Multimedia involves the use of text, images, and video to create a product’s feel when virtually interacting with a product. In the case of activewear in NZ, for instance, the Aim’n online shop used customized images and detailed explanations of products like tights, biker shorts, tanks and more. The Activewear NZ customization ensures that the products displayed on this version of the site are custom-made to meet the needs of buyers in the area. They are arrived at by tracking preferences, shopping behaviour and other trends in this market.

As a shopper, you should not just stop at the images. You are better off reading the descriptions given for each product to understand what suits you best. Different tights, for instance, may look identical, but one is suitable for the gym, and another best fits a cosy lounge at home. Decide what you want to use the product for, and then read the text to see what choices other buyers with similar needs are making.

Thankfully, the Aim’n site is simple and easy to navigate. You can filter the products by categories like best sellers and outlets. This makes the shopping experience worthwhile as it allows you to narrow in on a specific product. All you need to know is how to fetch different types of feedback from the different multimedia elements used on the site. This way, your online shopping experience becomes as worthwhile as visiting the shop!

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