The Different Types Of Multimedia And Design

Multimedia and design can be a very complex topic to understand. Yet for anyone wanting to have a presence on the web that is successful, then it is essential to learn.

What Are the Elements of Multimedia Design?

In its entirety multimedia is made up of different elements such as:

  • Text:

This is the most well known of the different elements. It is what allows viewers to gather information. It differs from images because these are designed to grab attention.

  • Images:

An important part of multimedia as it prevents boredom and generates interest in the text that may support it. The most common type of images are jpeg and PNG.

  • Audio:

It can have a powerful impact on supporting other media. It can offer additional information or elaborate on what the different media types are promoting.

  • Video:

Video media has become popular because of more opportunities being available for anyone to create it. Before this, it was a more expensive form of media to produce. With all the ease of use software, more people are creating their own for their websites. Or for the different social media platforms.

  • Animation:

This media is still creating challenges for those who have no expertise. However, it is closely following the pattern that the video has. Meaning more software is now becoming available for those who do not want to hire professionals for this task.

Types Of Web Design

Different types of web design can make use of other media elements. These include:

  • Illustrative web design
  • Single page design
  • Flat web design
  • Typography design
  • Minimalist web design

These can be a little complex to understand. A designer will listen to the wants and needs of their clients. Based on this information they will recommend which type of design would be the most appropriate.

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