What is the Best Computer for Multimedia Design Projects?

Finding the right computer for design and multimedia is a very personal decision. There are countless options in the market. You want to spend your money on a machine with the best technology to deliver what you want to design.

The Graphic Processing Unit

Know by the acronym GPU, this is a crucial part of a computer that should give you high-quality images you will be working with. With the best graphics card, you can rest assured of rich colors and visual interest. Choose the best GPU depending on your pocket.


A good monitor should have at least 1280 x 800 in resolution. Big screen with higher resolution give a TV like experience with better images and videos on the screen. Focus on getting an IPS or VA monitor.


The processor is the brain of a computer. It ensures that your installed programs and functionalities are running upon startup. Make sure the processing unit can run at least 1 GHz. This allows it to perform a billion computations in a second.

Hard Drive

This is the hard drive or the long-term memory of a computer. The two types of hard drives are SSD and HDD. Both function the same way but each has its own merits and demerits.


The random access memory works in the short-term. It is where your current activities are kept. Good RAM such as the refurbished macbook pro should process a couple of things at a go and allows you to do things faster. The minimum RAM you should get for multimedia design is 8 GB.

Multimedia designers need the best desktop computers with powerful processors, big monitors, and larger memories than many laptops. Sometime, working on a laptop can give you the flexibility you need when moving up and about. Always check out for the above features before buying a computer.

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