What Does Design and Multimedia Design and Multimedia Involve?


When it comes to design and multimedia, those who wish to pursue a career must know that multimedia design is an art form that has the final purpose of integrating multiple types of media and present them to the public in a desirable way.

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For those who wish to understand more about the field of multimedia design, you will find some general information in the upcoming pages.

Used widely in numerous projects and various fields, it can be easily found in video games, info-graphics, websites and many other interactive applications. Furthermore, those who wish to enter the world of multimedia design must be aware that it will require considerable skill and knowledge, since both technical and creative notions are required for any undertaking that involves multimedia design.

Designer's desk with responsive web design concept.

Common examples that might have been encountered by anyone at some point in their lives are web pages that contain a combination of media types – be it images, video clips or audio tracks. All of these can be combined with text, in order to achieve the preferred look and transmit the intended message. Some of the industries who benefit mostly from multimedia design are advertising and marketing, who rely heavily on presenting their desired content through merging adequate media types and targeted text.

When dealing with presentations that need to encompass wider audiences, the skills of those who are constructing the multimedia design layouts are paramount, as they need to make sure that all the presented content is both accessible and pleasing to the eyes of the public.

A common workflow encountered in multimedia design would involve the creating and gathering of the materials (video, 3D models, illustrations, animations or advanced imaging), concentrate them accordingly and then presenting them in the appropriately named websites.

One good source for information on multimedia design is the Learn.org platform.

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